Monday, January 9, 2012

Duke it out

Okay, I'm finally posting some of my own art. I LOVE the Copic marker canned airbrush system.
Victorian silhouettes have been so popular lately; I wanted to do a little exercise using a classic silhouette in a fresh setting. So I designed some chinese lantern stencils and masks, used my Copic markers, made a silhouette and had a lot of fun with this piece. I'm sorry I'm so unsophisticated with scanner settings, because the original piece is very soft and lovely. Also need to learn more about kerning. Not too bad for someone self-taught.

Sweetheart: Inspirational messages are momentarily charming, but modestly effective. A lady simply must jump into the fray and duke it out. 
At any rate, Pinterest and society at large are rife with motivational sayings. But when it really gets down to it, how much help are they? Maybe to a young and  impressionable person? I don't know. I find poetry and prose and quotations much more inspirational. I wonder how all those young men and women will fare with their simplistic signange. Maybe just fine.

Only two things I know for sure: 1) I'll ALWAYS look for the wardrobe, and 2) If I'm going down, I'm going down swingin'. I've been in the ring and duke'n it out but I got a few good ones in. Now I have to link to a song. I can't help it.  I view life through a lense and I automatically add a music score. I warned you {lower phonograph needle here} Just consider yourself lucky this isn't a post about the Ice capades.